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Here are some of the well-known and reputable business schools that allow students to earn an MBA in one year or less. Their accelerated MBA program can be completed in just 10 months. Students take 20 courses 13 core management courses and 7 electives. Students can choose from more than 75 different electives, which allows for a fully customizable experience.

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Another positive attribute of this program is the opportunity to experience multicultural education. During the first four months, students complete dozens of group projects so they can learn what it is like to lead and work in diverse teams. It was also one of the first U. Instead, Kellogg students get the option to skip core courses and focus on electives that match their career goals. With more than courses to choose from, students can make sure their education is as broad or as focused as they would like.

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The customization continues with experiential learning. Kellogg has more than 1, experiential learning opportunities to choose from, including special labs, courses, and projects that provide real experience with critical business and management issues. IE Business School is a Madrid school that is consistently ranked among the best schools in Europe and on a global scale. MBA students can choose from either English or Spanish instruction.

The curriculum shies away from the traditional—up to 40 percent of the program can be customized and tailored to your career goals and needs. The program culminates with an elective period that allows students to customize the rest of their education with courses, study at Wharton a partner school , competitive IE consulting projects, a week internship, and other unique opportunities.

Johnson's one-year MBA program is specifically designed for current and aspiring professionals with strong leadership and quantitative skills. MBA programs emphasize management skills, such as understanding corporate organization. Coursework builds skills like evaluating business decisions, managing people, and managing financial resources.

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MBA students receive training in management, delegation, and task completion, which are critical to many industries. Kohl Friery has served in enrollment management at Lenoir-Rhyne University since In December , Friery earned his master of arts in university leadership from Lenoir-Rhyne University. Friery holds a bachelor of science in education with a minor in English and telecommunications from Bowling Green State University. Unlike more specialized graduate degrees, an MBA provides a range of career opportunities to graduates, including management of private or nonprofit corporations, pursuing director or analyst positions, and becoming a financial manager.

However, prospective MBA students without a background in business need to carefully consider whether an MBA would help them reach their professional goals. Prospective MBA students should research what careers certain programs will prepare them for, particularly those with degrees in a specific undergraduate major.

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Before going through the admission process, carefully consider whether an MBA serves your career interests. For example, research whether an MBA enables you to move into upper management positions at companies that specialize in your undergraduate area of expertise. Working professionals researching an MBA also should speak with mentors or colleagues about career advancement opportunities with an MBA.

While certain career paths require an MBA, a certification provides similar advancement opportunities in some fields. Applicants need to consider whether graduate certificates, specialized training programs, or advanced certifications make more sense than an MBA degree, which may require substantially more time and a greater financial investment. If a student decides to pursue an MBA, they need to research the prerequisites for MBA programs, which vary by school.

Because MBA programs value diversity in incoming classes, the lack of an undergraduate business degree should not stop prospective students from considering this degree. However, although rare, some earn an MBA without an undergraduate degree.

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Undergrads who majored in literature, biology, or a business-related field possess skills that they can apply towards an MBA, including critical thinking, analysis, and writing. Completing a four-year degree also shows schools that a prospective student knows how to meet degree requirements and finish a program, which can improve their chances of succeeding at the graduate level. Students interested in pursuing an MBA without a business degree may need to complete a few prerequisite courses before enrolling.

Core classes emphasize the basic knowledge required to succeed in an MBA program. Incoming MBA students should have foundational knowledge in statistics, accounting, economics, finance, and data analysis. For example, students with a background in liberal arts typically need to complete mathematics or accounting courses, and even applicants with business-related degrees may need to take an economics or finance course.

These requirements vary by program, and some offer specialized core classes for students who are already enrolled. MBA students must excel at statistics and statistical analysis. MBA programs expect all incoming students, including those without a business degree, to demonstrate proficiency in statistics. Statistics courses provide foundational knowledge in statistical methods, probability, business statistics, and quantitative analytical methods.

An undergraduate statistics prerequisite prepares incoming MBA students for advanced graduate coursework. Because accounting plays a foundational role in business, incoming MBA students need to familiarize themselves with accounting methods, including analyzing and preparing financial statements, international accounting, and business accounting. Undergraduate accounting courses provide these key skills. Economics courses introduce students to micro and macroeconomics, including economic analysis, economic policy, and the theoretical basis for economics.

MBA programs often expect incoming students, particularly those without an undergraduate degree in business, to possess foundational skills in economics before beginning their MBA coursework. However, prior work experience lets prospective students demonstrate their business abilities, even if their college transcripts fail to include business classes.

Hands-on business experience provides students with relevant skills and abilities that are commonly learned outside of the classroom, and business schools know that this experience helps MBA students succeed.

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Work experience requirements vary by program: most require between one and three years. These programs prefer students with a track record of business success who are looking to move into management. However, even MBA programs with no minimum work requirement tend to evaluate professional experience favorably, particularly for applicants who want to earn an MBA without a business undergraduate degree.

Students without a strong academic background in business must demonstrate applicable skills and knowledge through their work experience. GPA requirements vary by program, but on average, students must have at least a 3.

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Still, the GPA is only one part of the admissions assessment, and test scores are nearly as important. Admissions offices consider the GMAT the most important measure for future success in business school, and they use the test as a predictor of academic success. The GMAT tests students on several key business skills, including problem solving, analytical writing, logic, and critical reasoning skills. The test also incorporates a reasoning section that requires test takers to critically evaluate multiple sources of information. In , over half of all GMAT test takers spent more than 50 hours preparing for the exam.

Multiple companies provide test preparation materials or offer preparation courses. Students should devote significant time to preparing for the GMAT test. Why an Online MBA? Q: How much weight does the undergraduate degree have in the MBA application process? A: A background in business is certainly helpful, but according to our faculty, the MBA was intended to develop business skills and philosophies that students weren't earning in their undergraduate degree.

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I would say that a business education would be helpful in meeting the prerequisites like accounting, finance, econ, and statistics. Without having a foundation in those areas, some students can be frustrated as they start the related courses in the MBA program. However, there are plenty of ways to obtain that knowledge without having to enroll in a whole business program. There are companies that offer remedial education in business. One that we use is called IvySoftware.