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Post Race Comment … Thurs 10 Oct …. Join Now. Caption Text2. Price is everything. We put YOU first. Any help you need we will be there.

I've operated online for almost 10 years and have seen too many betting products come on to the market with little to no testing. You wouldn't buy a TV or computer that hadn't been tested to work, so why should betting products be different? This is why I give you the full results breakdown of EVERY tip I've picked for the last 4 months at the odds available when the tip was chosen.

I know my methods will work for YOU, the results speak for themselves. Please view just some of the many testimonials I've received from members who have had storming successes When Heartbreak City won I nearly fell off my chair.

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Then East Street Revue romps home. I know you back each-way but I backed to win. Keep up the good work. I know not every day is a winner, but I always cash out my betting balance at the end of the month and I have never had a month like this before. It will pay for holiday for my wife and I which I could never have afforded on my small pension.

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Thank you. I'm not sure how you are doing it, insider information surely? Incredible service. This is what motivates me to give YOU the best possible racing information. Check out what my past members have to say about my betting products below You've tried the free tipsters and they've inevitably let you down.

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  • But, the problem is some of the premium tipsters are charging eye watering amounts. I'm f rom a humble background and believe in fairness.

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    Despite the power of the information I have, I simply don't believe in overcharging. Simply scroll below to view my low price offer Payment will rebill on a monthly basis. You May Cancel Anytime. Secure Checkout. One Off Payment. No Rebills.

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    I believe in quality rather than quantity. You can expect around 10 high quality tips a week. I prefer to let the results do the talking. Give us a fair risk free trial 60 days and I think you will be impressed and see that we much better than the average tipster. We deliver tips via email, you will need to follow our sign up instructions to get the emails. If you've signed up and having problems please email us at support racingexpert.

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    I personally think following well known free tipsters is a sure-fire way to lose money. If you value your time, want to make a serious investment and enjoy winning at the races a good tipster is worth its weight in gold. I keep my costs low so you can profit whatever you stake. We are also actively headhunting professional tipsters. Below are a few tipsters that have passed the first stage of our recruitment process. We are now proofing their tips minimum of 3 months before they go live. Twitter Facebook. Football Tipsters. Evens Stevens. View Details. Horse Racing Tipsters.

    Horse Racing Tipster Bundle The ultimate horse racing tipster package has now arrived. Front Runners. Ed Keogh. Irish Horse Racing Specialist.

    UK Horse Racing.