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The night will feature ice breaker games with prizes and several rounds of speed socializing. The age range for this event is 20's and 30's. Dave Circa The Highline is one of New York's top attractions but how much do you actually know about the former train trestle that brought fright trains in and out of NYC from ??? Join us for this fun evening of adventure, history and socializing as we invite members and friends to see how much they can see and learn while having a little friendly competition with other members of the group. No experience is needed and we will make up teams when you arrive unless you already have one.

It is not secret that most of the time men and women operate on 2 totally different wavelengths. When it comes to dating and relating, it can seem like all of the time! Join us for this fun and informal night where we come together to solve the problems of the world when it comes to men and women and how they interact! There is a lot of amazing history, art and culture under the streets of NYC! Since the subways have kept the city moving and connected. Explore the worlds most amazing subway system as you follow Subway Sally an NYU History Major who mysteriously disappears while doing a research paper about the history of the subways.

We'll team you up with other fun members of our group to look for clues in many of the interesting and historic places she visited and try to figure out what happened to her! The hunt starts and ends at a local pub where you can enjoy food and drink with your new friends when the mystery is solved! Join us for this fun Murder Mystery Theme Party where everyone at the party is a suspect and you will help to find the killer!!!

With their high school career coming to an end, the students of Mayhem High find themselves battling it out over grades, popularity, affection, class rankings and what they all have been focused on for years…who will be awarded the prom king and queen title? As the night unfolds, the royalty will be rewarded and an innocent life will be claimed. From the preppie to the punk rocker, the spaz to the stud, the jock to the jilted—all are suspected although only one is to blame and it could be you!!

Can you find the culprit in this crazy madness that is filled with neon, naughtiness and narcissistic behavior? Everyone at our party will have a character to play, no experience necessary and it is so much fun! This is one of our most breathtaking hikes!

Challenge your sense of adventure as you work your way to the top of the Spring Farm Trail Head as the hustle and bustle of the city gives way to quiet, forested paths and degree views of the valley and the famous Gunks Mountain range near New Paltz, NY. Enjoy an invigorating day out of the city with other fun members of our group as you will be treated to some of the most spectacular views of the Hudson Valley as the fall foliage shines brilliantly. There is something to choose from almost every night and several options each weekend!

It can be hard to figure out which ones may be best for you, especially if you have never been out before. If you are new to the group or a long time member, this is a fun night to meet others and find out what what we have planned in the coming months. NYSN staff members will be on hand to welcome all New Members and introduce you to our long time members.

This will also be a great opportunity to see what we have in store for the coming season. This month our party will be at Rocky's Bar and Restaurant, a fun and casual pizza restaurant. Enjoy a fun filled day out of the city and experience all that the Hudson Valley Has to offer with a fun group of NYSN members and friends. Your day will begin with the spectacular trip up the famous Hudson River Line on Metro North or you can drive to meet the group.

We'll enjoy lunch at The Culinary Institute of America, a easy to moderate hike at The Black Creek Preserve, a visit to a local winery and farm stand and go apple picking! If you are new to the group or have been coming out for ages join us at a great space in Midtown on 39th and 6th for a fun and casual after work gathering at Windfall Bar and Grille. Our NYSN host will be on hand to greet you and introduce you too others at the party. It is a great way for new members to meet long time members and find out about our event first hand!

Forget paint nights! Why not try your luck at something that you will really use like a coffee mug or plate that you can personalize or give to someone as a gift! They also have tons of Halloween themed items that you can choose from. Join us for this fun night of creativity and socializing at Color Me Mine in Tribecca. We will have tables set aside for our members and friends to socialize and create! Try something a little different on a Thursday Night. You don't need any special skills for this activity which is designed for making friends, learning a little history and finding out things about Grand Central that you never knew before.

The group will meet at the newly opened food hall in the Vanderbilt Hall Waiting room called The Great Northern Food Hall at the grand entrance to Grand Central off 42nd street for socializing then set out for a journey through the past present and future! A small portion of the tour will take place outside.

During the course of the evening we will visit places you never knew existed in Grand Central. Join us as we present another of our age specific mixers on a Saturday evening! There appetizers, drink specials and fun activities to get you to meet as many at the party as possible.

SGRho - Lambda Chi Sigma Alumnae - Murder Mystery Mayhem Rhomania 12222

Join us for a whole new spin on bringing singles together. Forget the usual cheesy singles nights. We have a sure fire formula that will help spark conversations and connections for today's active single professionals by keeping everyone engaged in the action the entire night! If you are a dynamic, outgoing and active single professional you won't want to miss this exciting event.

Join dozens of NYSN members and friends as they get into the Halloween Spirit and set out onto the streets of the Financial District; the site of graveyards, hauntings and some of the grizzliest deeds ever done! It will be a fun and informative way to explore, learn and socialize.

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We'll set you up on teams and give you everything you need to know to help find the clues. How it works: Arrive at the registration point at 5pm sharp. If you come alone we will set you up on teams of people. Enjoy socializing and a cocktail before you set out to find the answers. The Brethren Court of Pirates have declared an emergency meeting to solve this horrible murder! The next tale in the Brethren Court Saga.

Who Killed the Captain? If you loved Who Killed the Captain? After three years of continuous tragedy the bloody group of nine has determined they will no longer meet in Sidney for their annual Brethren Court convening. Now the Constable just needs you to help him solve this final tragedy, so the Brethren Court will be completely gone for once and for all! A Killer Costume Party! This evening is being hosted by Hugh and his three girlfriends; Penny, Angel and Lilith. Rumor has it she will be receiving a very beautiful and rare diamond set from India called the Black Orlov. This diamond set will be on display after Hugh personally presents the gift to her.

The diamond has a very intriguing history and is even said to be cursed.

Not one to believe such frivolous stories Hugh was ecstatic when the diamonds were located. What a special gift they will make! In the meantime the competition must go on! The competition includes a state representation, evening gown presentation, talent show, and an interview question. Apparently one more contest has been added, solving who dunnit? Male and Female characters available. This party is available as a Murder or non-murder Mystery. They are the co-owners of an elaborate estate of prime land near the city limits and Abe Downing, the number one harness race horse for the past three years.

This is the Social Event of the year! Attendance is by invite only. The guests here are VIP, Elite! No stewards allowed; among the elite everything is considered fair play. Networking with good taste! Perfect your handicapping! Join the stakes; come prepared to place your wager on the colors of your choice…. Art-themed Mystery Alexander Phimister would like to graciously thank all his family, friends, and acquaintances who have assisted in his recent achievement of the Carnegie Award for the Arts.

This is a prestigious international award presented to a renowned artist who has made an extraordinary impact in the world of art. In celebration of this great achievement you are cordially invited to attend a reception at da Galleria in honor of Alexander Phimister. As a tribute to this special occasion Mr.

See a Problem?

Phimister will be revealing, for the very first time, a miniature bronze that is rumored to be his best piece of work yet! A Bite of Twilight Twilight-inspired Vampire Mystery Alison, a fashionable vampire, is hostessing the soiree of the year and it will be to-die-for! It is rumored she will have a rare piece of jewelry on display. You are very excited to have received one of her exclusive invites! Several of the guests are guaranteed to cause quite the stir. With Vampires, Werewolves, and mere Mortals in attendance, this party is destined to go until dusk.

While your kind may embrace the darkness, beware of the…Bite of Twilight! We are excited to welcome the founder of the Red Hat Ladies, Suzy Cooper, her best friend and first red hat recipient, Glinda Murphy, and the famous poet who inspired the development of the Red Hat Ladies, Ginny Josef. Revenge of the Refs! Roller Derby Theme After enduring abuse from cocky skaters and their devoted fans, the League Referees decided to take control of the situation and form a group of rule abiding allies in order to wreak revenge.

They joined forces with the League support staff; Scorekeepers, penalty trackers, and everyone who believed in following the proper procedures, no matter what the circumstances are.

St. Augustine Halloween Things To Do & Events

In the past the refs had been seeking their revenge off the track; driving slowly in front of skaters and helping the fans cross the street, at the crosswalk, of course! Our mysteries bring the city to life, and provide an experience you'll never forget. Hot on the heels of a killer you will collect virtual clues and evidence to solve Who Dunnit?!

Along the way, you will have to crack codes, decipher riddles and participate in crazy challenges in order to successfully complete your mission. Our murder mystery parties are like a live game of CLUE. The RingMaster. Super Bomb Squad: Commandos Awesome! The Pirate Ship. Black Site. Pirate Plunder. The Undead. Tidbit the Terrible Elf.

Escape The Big Top. Haunted Hospital. My Spy. Safe Cracker. Wardens Office. Alice and the White Rabbit. Cold War Crisis. Zombie Apocalypse. Crisis at The Caretaker. The Lost Tomb of Monthu. Game of Espionage. Zombie Roadhouse. The Sol Solution. Birthday Party Theme. Dig — Escape the room. Budapest Express. Th3 C0D3. Escape Artist. The Repository. Candy Chaos. Escape The Bank Heist. Escape The Cursed Temple. Escape The Shadow Killer. Escape Castle. Investigation of Park Vue Pirate Adventure.

Cyber Crash. Mad Scientist. The Haunting: Secret of the Mansion. Christmas is Canceled. Suburban Serial Killer. At Odds with the Gods. Gold Rush. Mission: Mars. Nightmare Survival. Hijacked at Sea! The Heist. Stay of Execution. Cat Burglar. Secret Society. The Rest Easy Motel. Corporate Spy. Lost Treasure. The Honky Tonk. Where in the World?

SOLVING The MURDER MYSTERY! (Clue: Mystery Game)

Weekend in Vegas. The Ransom. Medieval Adventure. Escape From The Office. An Evening in Paris. Escape from Gaspar Island. Mad Hatter. The Riddle Room. Jungle Gem. The Alleyway. Escape the Bermuda Triangle. Einstein Room. The Gallery. The Twisted Curse of Madame Antinori. Camp Echo. The Quest. Imprisoned Creatures. Magic Mirror. Patient Zero. Superhero: Save the City. The Pharaohs Chamber. High Noon. AI Rebellion.

Stolen Child

The Prison. Save the Queen. Mystery Manor. Old Tavern.

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