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Enjoy the excitement that comes with city life in a quaint setting when you own your home in Douglasville. Located 20 miles west of Atlanta, this scenic and family-friendly suburb is filled with history, a healthy local commerce, and plenty of things to do that will allow for great memories to be made for years to come.

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Pets are family, so wanting them to live as comfortable as your human family is only natural. While you can sometimes have a pet while renting, owning your home provides more freedom for opportunities to create memories with your furry friend. The truth is, life seldom grants us perfect moments; more often, it grants us opportunities to create them. Create that moment for your family, along with plenty of memories, by making the choice to buy a home now. Located just south of the Downtown Dallas area and positioned conveniently along I East, Glenn Heights is a diverse city with a variety of entertainment and school options nearby.

Be the first to make your mark on your home when you buy new.

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Owning a new construction home, as opposed to a resale, comes with benefits that can not only provide more comfort to your family, but also help keep your expenses manageable. Keep reading to learn a few of the many reasons why owning a new construction home is the best choice for new homeowners. Filled with history and adventure, Cartersville, GA is a great location for a first-time home buyer. With endless family-friendly attractions and local events, Cartersville is the perfect setting to start building your future. The sun is shining and flowers are blooming.

Make the most of your time staying in by upgrading and personalizing your new home with these family-friendly home DIYs. The cities of Mascotte and Groveland, located minutes apart from one another, make great options for first-time homebuyers thanks to their affordable livability, beautiful surroundings, and convenience to both Orlando and Kissimmee.

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At Starlight Homes, we believe that everyone deserves the chance to make their dreams of homeownership a reality…without breaking the bank. It provides financial coverage for your home and your belongings in the event of certain misfortunate situations.

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Love is in the air! Welcome to ! The new year is a time for a fresh start for many. Something about the new year gives everyone a renewed sense of purpose and confidence—so why not take advantage of that to make a beneficial, life-changing decision like becoming a homeowner? Making sure your credit is in good shape is one of the most important items on your checklist to homeownership.

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Having a good credit score also means having more credit line options available to you. Located about 40 miles north of Atlanta, the area has everything from a beautiful natural setting, to top-tier schools, and plenty of entertainment options. Being informed and knowledgeable about these terms will help you make the best home-buying decision for you and your family.

The holidays are a time that most look forward to each year —it means spending quality with loved ones, taking a break from work, and eating great food! When you own a home, a new layer of excitement also comes with knowing that you can celebrate the holidays the way you want, with no restrictions.

Inside are just a few ways that owning a Starlight Home can help bring more happiness and warmth to your holiday seasons. Phoenix is a continuously growing city ripe with art and culture, unique architecture, and outdoor activities.


Natural beauty and a year-round subtropical climate await when you make your home at a Starlight Phoenix-area community. Imagine being able to plan a social gathering at your home without noise or close proximity being an issue. When your family includes children, the additional space that you all will enjoy after buying a Starlight home opens the door to a wide variety of new options, especially when it comes to keeping your kids entertained.

Imagine your family enjoying the space and freedom that living in a home you own brings.

Buying a new construction Starlight Home has plenty of advantages, from being able to select a floor plan that meets your needs, to knowing that your home is uniquely you. On the first day of lessons, certified Swim Lesson Instructors will perform swim testing on each participant; assessing swimming abilities based on the Starfish Swim School benchmarks see below.

Your child will then be placed in the appropriate class, with similarly skilled children. All classes will maintain a 1 instructor to 7 participant ratio and will be 35 minutes in length. Starfish Swim School Benchmarks:. This class is recommended for non-swimmers pre-teen to adults. Water Safety Programs:. This Cigna Healthcare sponsored free program teaches water safety and basic first aid skills to children 7 to 10 years old. All program participants will receive a t-shirt and will compete in a city-wide Olympic event at the end of the season.

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