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But for all the inefficieny even unto chaos I've thrived behind the wheel, and the company I've been with for all but one of those years has been good to all of us, including its owner -- despite the recent economic situation. From over-the-road to just local "peddle-run" driving, the it's been great. An epic poem begins the book -- a story of life and love lost, but paradise regained if only in the aching memory on the isle. Poems about the intellect, the human, the sacrosanct, the seasons, and more.

This isn't the usual off-the-wall "what the hell's it mean" stuff. Some is sensuous. Some horrific. Some beautiful. Some [ She spit up at and hit bugs. And as infant Judy grew up, ohmygod!!! Exlax in the communion juice, cooking Barbie, a pet turdle,discovering her gender, etc. Where does it come from?

How do the parents, teachers, even scientific professionals deal with it so that potentials aren't suppressed. But also so those dealing with the ultra-creatives aren't driven [ Or not.

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Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq by Thomas E. Ricks

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Impact and Implications

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Petrov journeyed to contact buyers for sucklings. The great sow gave birth to many, thus future wealth was assured for all.

Except that the progressive pig-sty system was beyond the capacity of those contained. And years prior to the Soviet collapse that of the huge mother pig, Ummok did.

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Looking Back -- Apocalypse Here!! Words: 30, Published: September 9, Various considerations re. Outlines re. Saddam, Iran, Iraq history. Words: 28, Published: September 5, Nga and HanSwi are "display girls" in the Sultan's harem, their legal, exquisite bodies pierced, jeweled, and even modified for display at banquets and state affairs.

Young Machetes and Mere Motion

They overhear International intrigues, resulting in Nga's agony until she escapes. HanSwi hides, but is found and, it seems, will be thrown to the mob that has gathered to take part in taking her apart. Words: 18, Polly, so prim at first Words: 75, Published: August 29, Enemas, whips, chains, shackles, spreader bars, insertions, but extensive philsophy and even psychodynamic significance are conveyed here.

Between consenting adults, preserving proprieties and legalities, of course , "perversions" should be perceived and, yes, performed as "artistries of the body" or, to put it another way, "prurience performances". And so it is with the ensemble in this book. Words: 92, Published: August 22, DeSade inspired our procedures, Einstein our philosophy. Our captives in the dungeon depths of the mountain summit are initiates.

By the fusion of sentience art, science, intellect, music and ultimate sexual agonies and ecstasies a sisterhood finally "graduates" each year. The others, wearing their bondage still, go forth to teach that all existence should be an orgasm.