Guide Treating Complex Traumatic Stress Disorders (Adults): Scientific Foundations and Therapeutic Models

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Journal of Child and Family Studies. A, Ford J. Treating complex trauma: A sequenced relationship-based approach.


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New York: Cambridge University Press; Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy. Developmental trauma-focused treatment models. In: Ford J. D, Courtois C.

The Borderline Question

A, editors. Treating complex traumatic stress disorders in children and adolescents: Scientific foundations and therapeutic models. Randomized clinical trial comparing affect regulation and supportive group therapies for victimization-related PTSD with incarcerated women. Behavior Therapy. Complex PTSD, affect dysregulation, and borderline personality disorder. Borderline Personality Disorder and Emotion Dysregulation. Clinical significance of a proposed developmental trauma disorder diagnosis: Results of an international survey of clinicians.

Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology. D, Steinberg K. L, Zhang W. A randomized clinical trial comparing affect regulation and social problem-solving psychotherapies for mothers with victimization-related PTSD. Cumulative trauma in childhood.

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Treating complex traumatic stress disorders in children and adolescents: An evidence based guide. Prevalence of potentially traumatic events, depression, alcohol use, and social network supports among Chinese migrants: An epidemiological study in Guangzhou, China. T, Taylor J.

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A meta-analysis of the effects of psychotherapy with sexually abused children and adolescents. Clinical Psychology Review. D, Broeke E. Transforming troubled children into tomorrow's heroes. Treating traumatized children. London: Routledge; G, Friedman M. J, Hill E. D, Kessler R. C, McLaughlin K. A, Petukhova M, et al. Depression and Anxiety. D, Bordelois P, Jun H. J, Roberts A. L, Cerda M, Bluestone N, et al.

The weight of traumatic stress: A prospective study of posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms and weight status in women. JAMA Psychiatry. I, Carter A. A randomized controlled trial of Child FIRST: A comprehensive home-based intervention translating research into early childhood practice. Child Development. M, Flint A. C, Rich-Edwards J. Posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms and food addiction in women by timing and type of trauma exposure. M, Gallop R. J, Weiss R. Seeking safety therapy for adolescent girls with PTSD and substance use disorder: A randomized controlled trial.

B, Nawijn L, Frijling J. Social support, oxytocin, and PTSD. A, Bovin M. J, Calloway A. L, Dick A.

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M, King M. W, Mitchell K. S, et al. Childhood sexual abuse differentially predicts outcome of cognitive-behavioral therapy for deliberate self-harm. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease. V, Smith A.

K, Conneely K. Epigenomic association analysis identifies smoking-related DNA methylation sites in African Americans. Human Genetics. J, Li L. Rich clinical material, and attention to management of the therapeutic alliance, therapist self-care, and other key challenges in working with these clients, make this a most useful and innovative resource.

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Leading clinicians and researchers share a rich array of individual, couple, family, and group therapy models that illustrate basic treatment principles and best practices. Informed by recent research, the contributors cover the developmental and neurobiological background against which to frame essential assessment and treatment issues.

Chapters on such pragmatic topics as vicarious traumatization and risk management offer advice on reducing stress for therapists working with these challenging cases. This book offers a comprehensive review of treatment considerations, assessment measures, best practices, and evidence-based treatment approaches specifically tailored for psychotherapy with people who have experienced prolonged abuse and neglect by caregivers. An indispensable guide for any mental health professional who works with trauma survivors.

An unparalleled contribution to the existing literature on assessment and intervention with survivors of complex trauma. There are few existing compilations that have collected such a wide variety of treatment approaches from such prominent authors, and it is probable that this is the most comprehensive and current review to date. While multiple evidence-based treatment strategies are given attention in this book, it is detailed enough so that the reader is able to make an informed decision about whether to pursue an approach.

In addition, several chapters describe essential understanding required for working with any survivor of complex trauma regardless of the particular intervention style The text is well-written and organized, making it easy to follow.

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  • This book is appropriate for students, clinicians, and academics alike. Because the concept of complex trauma is still evolving, this text can educate and inform students in training as well as seasoned clinicians The authors of the book are leaders in the field of trauma and they artfully illustrate the nuances of the disorder as well as subsequent treatment through rich case examples In our current mental health climate, there exists a psychiatric debate about formally establishing Complex PTSD as a disorder. In such a climate this book documents the current knowledge and evidence supporting the disorder and will surely help to shift the paradigm of how complex trauma is understood, assessed for, and ultimately healed from.

    This is an important and highly relevant book, addressing a complex problem, organizing what empirical support there is for the many approaches which are currently utilized and expanded for this population. Even if you do not work with traumatized individuals, there is much to learn from this book. It can be therapeutically profitable. Well-written, it has an impressive list of contributors, and Ford has a hand in many of the chapters.

    This book is highly recommended and well-worth its asking price. Help Centre.

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